You Don’t Have to Read This

Of course; now that you’re here, you’ve proven yourself determined.

When I first began blogging, I couldn’t pick a genre. I still can’t. Eh; I’m okay with that, I thought. Just to be certain, I started a second blog on parenting with the determination to grow it till it was MASSIVE…

…and it flopped. Turns out other parents don’t have time to read, either…

So, I went back to this eclectic approach of writing whatever struck my fancy.

Meanwhile, I’ve been a very devoted follower. I had everyone’s posts flooding into my Inbox.


I read




I really did.

I haven’t been able to lately*, however, and have therefore felt guilty that any of you are trying to do the same with what I write.

Hence, the title of this blog: you don’t have to read what I write.

If you’re more of a poetry fanatic, just pick those up. Like pictures? Come back on Fridays. Love aphorisms and quotes -try a Sunday. I do not expect anyone to devoutly read and respond to whatever pops up here.

Likewise, know that I’m reciprocating. I often don’t have the thumbs to text a comment, but I’m out there. Stalking. Reading.

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As always, thank you for the support. You guys keep me going. Fo’ real.


We’ve just begun! So, far this month, I’ve written:
Wednesday, November 2: “And Then, She Thought to Herself…,” in which we discussed hearing narration.

Thursday, November 3: “Onset of Night,” in response to Carrot Ranch‘s prompt.

Friday, November 4: Who doesn’t need an outsized moose?

Sunday, November 6: Everyone needs lovin’, by Maryam Hasnaa

Monday, November 7: Those Latter-day Saints done pay their tithing.

Tuesday, November 8: “Secret Codes by Secret Means.”

Wednesday, November 9: This post.

©2022 Chel Owens

*Lately, being the American English for not in the last five years. From the Chelsea English for understated.

41 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Read This

  1. Thanks for letting me know there is someone else like me! I used to read every post but I’ve gotten so busy (the farm is hopping and the non-profits growing) that I simply don’t have the time to read everything. I love reading as much as I can but I feel guilty when I don’t have time to respond. That being said, I have a few people I love to read with you being one of them. Take care and be well. Love hearing what’s happening in Utah!

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  2. In the beginning, in a world far far away…around the turn of the millennium, I suppose, I think having a blogging genre was a must. Now blogging is its own genre. Social media has ensured that.

    I guess the early worm catches the niche. Parenting is Mumsnet – does that extend to the US. Surely, Momsnet then? I have no idea, only heard of it but never been.

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  3. Most blogs in general seem to be money grabs. Folks figured out they could goof off and make moolah doing it.

    But I like your eclectic offerings, and the low pressure atmosphere. So stick with writing ‘whatever (strikes) your fancy’.

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      1. Nah. I’ve only got 215 followers, and most just followed me to try to get me to follow them back. I’d probably make more money panhandling at a freeway offramp than charging a subscription.

        Besides, anyone who would pay to ready my mindless drivel ought to keep the money for therapy. It’s maybe mildly amusing/entertaining/informative, but probably not worth paying for. Put your fears to rest!

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  4. My daughter has just the one kid and it’s a 28 hours a day 7 days and endless nights week- It’s amazing she has time to read anything outside the bills that present themselves on cue every day!

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  5. ah Chel, we’re so different and so much the same! Isn’t that spiffing! I guess south london and Utal are quite different (Not as different as that part of the City north of the Thames – how do people stand it?) and yet there’ll be all sorts of commonalities. So, yep I’ll be back for a dibble into the recesses of your output to see if any of it makes sense, or, more likely makes me wonder.. what more can a lad need?

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  6. Hugh Roberts (not sure if you’re over there or not, Chel) posted today about this obsessive guilt thing many bloggers have going on where we feel the need to apologize for not blogging or reading others’ blogs. I’ve been guilty of this sometimes, but I’m pretty good at not worrying about it anymore. As I always say to my wife, “As soon as blogging starts feeling like a job or I’m not having fun anymore, I’m out of here.” No plans to leave anytime soon.

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  7. Hi Chel. I read this. Thanks for the comments. I did follow you for a time but we lost each other along the way. I’m eclectic too: sometimes I don’t even know whether I’m writing prose or poetry. Bit if it flows and feels right I go with it. I now follow you and will check out future posts. Cheers. John

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  8. Please do not feel guilty. Blogging your way when you can is what this free space is for. I can’t follow everyone’s blog… but I try and reply to those who comment. I can’t comment on every ‘like’ especially folks I don’t know.

    I enjoy writing – and if you read everything and only comment on one piece every so often – that’s fine. As long as you enjoy what you read when you can. You’ve got to be busier than me!! Although with hubby retireing I’ve gotten busier too!

    We go to the gym twice a week – I take a class every day on line (from the gym) when I don’t go into the gym. I bowl once a week… and other days are filled with house chores, shopping, family (like watching the grand at her Field Hockey) or Bingo to support local groups.

    Just be what you can be – the best Mom to your family and a good friend to those who also blog. Cheers and (((Hugs))) Remember real life comes first!!!

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    1. Thank you, Jules! I do feel you’ve got priorities in the right place with your writing; that’s most of why I wrote the post. I just want to be sure everyone’s given fair warning!

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  9. Wow, that’s mighty productive of you to read every post. I do follow bloggers I’m interested in, and I do make my rounds on the Reader, but me actually clicking on the posts also depends on whether or not the title and premise draws me, just like this one did.

    Interesting to see how others approach the process!

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    1. There’s no way I read everything now. It was nice when I had the time and community to do it in the past, but I think your approach is the more doable one.


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