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  1. It’s all the blame of the packaging. Put it in a plain grey box and the kids won’t want it.

    I remember our school PT coach telling us it’s healthier to eat the box than eat what’s inside (it was kellogs cornflakes). He was ahead of his time. 😁

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    1. Well, sure. They are pretty labels, and pretty full of sugar.

      Isn’t it Roald Dahl who said breakfast cereal was pencil shavings? Both ahead of their time…


  2. And for those concerned with a green sustainable environment, now with extra natural brown sugar! Plus extra sucrose!! Re-refined and reconstituted!!! One bowl guaranteed to speed up hyperactivity!!!! (colouringsflavourandchocolatesubstitutesmaybeaddedmaycontainnutsglutenand enoughcaloriestofeedanelephant)

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  3. I try to limit the number of pop culture things in my home, but I do have all seven Freakies toys on my bookshelf. The result of me eating way too many boxes of cereal back in 1974. And they all rest right next to my other childhood obsession, little W.C. Fritos pencil erasers. Some things are just too hard for me to part with.

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  4. Louis CK has a rant about how our bodies were really only designed for us to eat like a little bit of lettuce here and there and maybe occasionally we hunt a wild boar and get some meat but that’s it. Then God comes down and is like why are you idiots putting bacon and chocolate on everything?

    Obligatory disclaimer I don’t approve of Louis’ perversions.

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