I sit, on the eve of my favorite holiday, wondering what to write.

Instead of capitulating and catapulting into a lengthy life story, I’ll retire slightly earlier. I’ll give you the same opportunity. After all, the focus of a holiday should be on what brings you true joy.

Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you well, whether you celebrate or not.

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At least eat something delicious. You deserve it.


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39 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. With Jess working half day and us having no invitations, I am slow cooking BBQ Ribs, making Jack & Smoked Cheddar Sun dried tomato Mac & Cheese, a salad and blueberry pie (bought) for dessert. The pie is as such because I don’t like anything pumpkin and apple is my least favorite fruit pie. Have a swell Thanksgiving Chel.

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  2. Controversial take – Thanksgiving and Christmas are the same holidays except one has food and one has food and presents. In fact, the Illuminati have conspired to have us be of good cheer on Thanksgiving so we open our wallets to start buying all the gifts we will give on Christmas, thus funding their plans for global conquest.

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    1. I’ll buy it.

      Honestly, my unpopular take is that Christmas is completely a commercial enterprise. We’re all gleefully heading out to spend money on every person we know… 💰 💰


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