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  1. One of my poems along similar lines:

    The Devil Takes The Could-have-beens

    Beware the restless brain flailing on,
    kidding itself in the darker hours,
    paying homage to could-have-been.
    Beware the anger trotted out,
    dusted off and laid bare,
    to spring a self-laid trap.
    Let there be a new start,
    urged on by forebodings of irrelevance
    and eternity horizontal.
    Stay away from old ground,
    where every night is New Year’s Eve and nothing is resolved,
    or risk seeing past comrades on distant hills,
    their torch-dreams kindled by motion,
    pausing less and less often to look back
    at your immobile figure.
    Standing still,
    the grubby sticks of history are consumed quickly
    in those parodies of hell,
    the warmthless braziers of bitter reminiscence.
    Forsake all wretchedness,
    for you are not plundered.
    Beneath your public rags lie priceless jewels,
    secreted and perversely forgotten,
    whose re-discovery waits on nakedness.
    Choose not to wear sackcloth
    and arise from your meal of ashes,
    hungry for the flesh of the world
    and the hard beauty of your diamond self.

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  2. Yes! The older I get, the less I can tolerate of those who don’t have similar beliefs.. I am not talking about religion or anything, just the idea of what being a friend means, what chasing your passion vs. materialistic ideals mean… stuff like that..

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