‘Merry’ Christmas Medleys -Terrible Poetry Contest

He wish you a merry Christ-ish;
She wish you a nearly Christ-ish;
We wish you a leery Christ-ish but maybe we’ll be safe with, “Happy Holidays.”
Right pronouns we sing to you and your furbabies;
They wish you a cheery Christ-ish -Oh- pleasant whatevs!


Un chapeaux, Maman, schandmantel;
Un champignon, quand je ne parle pas français.
C’est une poème; qui sait que je chante?,
“‘Bébés’ commencent par b,” chante Chel.
Ah! Ah! Ah! que la mer a swells.
Ah! Ah! Ah! que chocolat est delicious.


A year or five, I know:
A diet I will try.
I’m sure to get real slight –
Or, at least see my backside.
But, wait! There’s a half-shank,
And, here’s a choc’late box;
A loaf that I could spank!
Hm. Maybe I might not…

Oh, mingled smells, tingles well;
Pringles all the day!
Oh, how fun it is to glut
And not care how I weigh!
Swingled cells, Kris Kringle’s swell;
Single’s on the way.
Oh, how tasty is this schmutt
Who’ll never waste away!


©2022 Chel Owens

I think I’ll stop while I’m way behind, but I really wanted to lead by example for this contest. -Or, maybe show you what you shouldn’t do.

Anywho… there’s still time to enter. The form might not be working, but you can leave a poem in the comments, leave one on your site, or e-mail me.

Photo by Mario Mendez on Unsplash

28 thoughts on “‘Merry’ Christmas Medleys -Terrible Poetry Contest

  1. Dashing through the snow,
    In our brand-new electric car.
    Is there any way to know,
    If it will carry us as far
    As we really need to go.
    The blinking red light gleams
    On the panel made of glass
    Might be trouble, so it seems
    Sure wish we stuck with gas.

    Werry Christmas, Chel

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