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  1. Hi Chel. I’ve finally decided to take an extended break in 2023, put my nose to the grindstone, and finish up the two children’s novels I’ve been working on for what seems like forever. While I’m determined to make that happen, something else has to give because I’m not willing to skimp on my family, friends, health, or community service commitments. I’m not disappearing completely, but it’s time to fulfill that dream.

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      1. It certainly is but its tge time of year for few weeks we will have temps like this so out come thicker nighties, jumpers and leggings and fan stays firmly switched off… I like looking at puctures of snow and thats where it stops far too cold​ for me…brrr ☃️⛄

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  2. This is an interesting quote because to me the term “in a groove” has always been a good thing. Like a baseball player who’s been hitting good for a few weeks, they say he’s ‘in the groove’. I’m not a baseball player, or someone with any noticeable skills, so this quote makes me think that getting in the groove can be a dangerous because it can lead to complacency.

    (Happy new year!)

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