31 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. Looks like a very inviting place to take your last ever nap, 😉
    btw going to be 30C here today – that’s 86F in your hermit scientific kingdom 😉

    In one of those weird Twilight Zone coincidences, a poem I wrote a while back satirising a certain type of poetry, has just been accepted by the exotically named litmag Alice Go F*** Yourself (I kid you not).

    God ignoring the bleak midwinter

    The bleak midwinter arrived in
    the middle of winter
    and it was bleak.
    Not moor bleak;
    more bleak than that.
    The wind was keen,
    not in that American neat way
    nor like mustard,
    but sharp
    and bleak
    because it was midwinter.
    I watched it being bleak midwinter
    but I don’t think God did.

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