Silent Treatment

You’re hurt, I see; I hear; I got –
Don’t you think some fault is yours,
For asking
What I thought?

Your point, you see; you made; you told –
That I need to trust your love;
But can I,
Now you’re cold?

©2023 Chel Owens

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24 thoughts on “Silent Treatment

  1. I never should have tried
    To read your mind
    I can’t look into your thoughts
    Because my love is blind
    But I’ve been searching for a treasure
    And it’s you that I find
    Don’t you recognise me?
    I’m the curious kind.

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  2. Or …..
    Darling I’m not cold
    I’m just slightly under-cooked
    I didn’t see what I had said
    Until I saw just how you looked
    Was it something that you read
    That, clearly, you mistooked?
    It’s just that you’re so hot
    And I’m so completely hooked

    Come on Chel ….. surely I deserve a terrible poetry award for use of the word ‘mistooked’.

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  3. Relationships eh? Been there, and, just quietly, recently. It doesn’t help me being the strong/wrong silent type. Or so I’ve been told. Well, for what its worth;
    It is crystal clear
    At the end of the day
    You refuse to hear
    So I’ve nothing to say.

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