30 thoughts on “For You, John

  1. Sounds like something I do, myself. I usually write my posts about a week ahead of their post dates. This will become apparent someday, when I die, and don’t respond to anybody’s comments.

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  2. Time is definitely an illusion. But then again isn’t everything relative? Without X, Y cannot exist, can it? And how we be sure that it’s Chelsea and not the ghost of Chelsea who wrote this post, considering we might be living in a simulation with only the appearance of linear time. -The postmodern madman also sometimes known as the ordinary person.

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      1. You mean a virtual clone of us in the future blogging and commenting in the present? Then the term ghost of Chelsea or Nitin becomes redundant. Maybe cyberpunk, digitally implanted Chelsea who uploads her thoughts into a cyberspace that transcends time and space is a more accurate definition. Which brings me to the question, who are you really?

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          1. I always knew there were forces behind the scenes, the real puppet masters who have more power than governments and constitutions. This only proves that the all-perceiving-digital-eye is real. I shall now scope out secret facilities in the Nevada Desert. Perhaps I’ll find the truth there. I’m on to you, Chelsea clone/Android/virtual recreation of a cyborg in the future.

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