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      1. Now I’ve bought the minivan. A Chrysler Pacifica. Yours appears to be a Toyota Sienna, which is a make/model I was also interested in. As I recall, this post first appeared several months ago.

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        1. Yes. I accidentally scheduled two Friday photos for the same day because WP showed nothing scheduled that day. 🤦‍♀️

          Congrats? on the minivan! I caught part of your car-buying series. Getting the Sienna was a bit of a bait-and-switch too. They told us yes we could get it for the price over the phone but then at financing explained that was only if we used their finance plan.

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          1. From what I’ve learned, I think what they did was illegal. I think there’s a federal law against having different prices based upon which financing plan you go with.


          1. My daughters, now that they are young adults, like my corny sense of humor. Not sure that is ‘cool’, but it is something.

            Life is more fun if you don’t care what anyone else thinks about you anyway.

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  1. In India, years ago everyone owned either a Contessa or an Ambassador. We didn’t have any other cars. This picture reminded me of that for some strange reason. Now every manufacturer is here, and you can spot a Lamborghini sometimes too. I don’t understand why someone would buy that car and spoil it by driving it on the terrible roads here though lol.

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