63 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. And we have to remember that some one actually got paid to come up with those products and packaging…. The only lip balm flavor I like is nothing, mint, or the healing versions. I guess I could put up with fruit flavors… but cereal…. ugh.

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  2. I gave up all sugar and carbs. I say “all” abstractly because you need some but for example, the average man should only consume 36 grams of sugar a day yet a single serving size bottle of Coke has 70 grams of sugar. I used to pound those back all the time. These sugary cereals are just as bad and sugar cereal lip balm is just a marketing ploy to hook kids on what is essentially legal crack. Frankly, Big Sugar is as harmful as all the Mexican drug cartels combined. I might start a new blog devoted to my newfound healthy eating habits but I am lazy.

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      1. It’s helped. I have found you can eat a decent amount and still lose weight if you stick to low carb, low sugar foods. I’m not sure how great it is but one day a week I do a no carb day where it’s eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, a turkey burger for lunch (no bun) and either chicken, steak or fish for dinner. No sauces or bread or anything with carbs. And I usually lose a pound or two by the next day. Not sure this is a great thing to do forever but for now it helps. The rest of the week I incorporate veggies and small amounts of foods that are light in carbs and sugar. If my Toilet Gator millions don’t happen maybe I can be a healthy eating guru.

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        1. I’m happy for you! I’ve tried a variety of things since I can’t give up carbs completely (and think that’s not healthy). The pure sugars and refined flours are really terrible for our bodies, though.


  3. Sugary lip balm? a big NO. If any drug that has to be the costliest or most effectively to be banned? I say it’s the sugar drug. I love lip balms, definitely not the one with food flavors, why? who came up with this idea anyway! sigh…

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