Your Favorite: Updates!

I’m getting old.

No, really. Where, in the past, I folded the laundry at midnight then wrote the last week’s worth of blog posts at 5 a.m., I no longer can. I’ve gotten cranky without sleep. Most accurately, probably, is that I’ve gotten less sleep so I’m cranky.

Most most accurately, I’ve undertaken a lot more life. We’ve started a remodeling project on the house (finally). Hole-in-the-bucket-style, we now need to build a kitchenette and laundry room downstairs. We need candle-making stuff for the business shifted to make room for those…. etc.

And, of course, we need to run said business, keep our children alive and dressed, and ….you know, life.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

So, I’m sorry for flaking a lot during this month I’m meant to be ‘on.’ I’ll write when I can and read when I can’t.

I promise.


How’s your life? Anything exciting?


Look! It’s last week’s stuff:
Friday, March 10: Friday Photo! Just gross.

Saturday, March 11: Shared Mary Oliver‘s poem.

Sunday, March 12: Quoted Audrey Hepburn. Funny lady.

Monday, March 13ish: Mormon Monday: Financial responsibility, the first area of self-reliance I’ve ever discussed.

Tuesday, March 14th: Responded to Carrot Ranch‘s prompt with a poem.

Wednesday, March 15th: This post.

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21 thoughts on “Your Favorite: Updates!

  1. Life happens, Chel. Growing older may not seem like much of a reward, but there is beauty and joy to be found in each new day. Now, where did I put them?


  2. You’re looking flushed. (Oh sorry – I thought the pic was a selfie). P.S. Watched a movie last night called Miracles 17 – I think that was the title – about a group of English Mormons heading for Salt Lake City. It was terrific!

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  3. Apropos of my comment on your previous poetic poem, one of those children is now very nearly officially a doctor! I attended her Match Day (on St. Patrick’s Day) and could not be prouder of or happier for her. They do grow up, or at least most of them do, eventually!

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