The Giver, Still Giving

[T]he apple had changed. Just for an instant. It had changed in mid-air, he remembered. Then it was in his hand, and he looked at it carefully, but it was the same apple. Unchanged.

The Giver, Lois Lowry

Dale’s hand froze, hovering, wondering that its body could freeze. Up till then, it’d thought all words were only for others -like this place of words was for others.

Here, though, was what it felt. -Words for when dead trees stood against impossibly blue sky. -For when a lonely, vibrant leaf floated in grime.

Dale looked at wreckage of what Had Been, and knew hope.

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©2023 Chel Owens

Written in response to Charli’s prompt at Carrot Ranch:

March 27 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about something impossibly blue. You can go with sky or any other object. What impact does the color have on the setting or characters? Does it lead to action or create a pause? Go where the prompt leads!

9 thoughts on “The Giver, Still Giving

  1. Are you serious about the 99 word prompt?

    Blue, a robin’s egg, hungry little birds squawking, red hair tied back, blue ribbons everywhere. Why should I care? At sixteen the world is mine. No one dare venture into my space.
    Gone…is pink for I was no longer a child nestled comfortably in my pink flowered bedroom, so innocent, so safe until I looked into your pale blue eyes. Now only blue will do.
    Years later it is blue jeans, soccer shirts, cars, those second hand blue cars. Music, annoying, blue school uniforms. Blue, BLUE EVERYWHERE and each one has your eyes, so very very pale BLUE!

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    1. Yes, serious! Go fill this in to the form over at Carrot Ranch blog; that’s where I got the prompt from and where I submitted my story to. ❤️


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