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    1. Peeps, candy corn, fruitcake, black licorice—Nobody actually eats any of these things. It’s one of life’s mysteries why they’re still around.

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  1. One peep has 34 grams of sugar. Men should have no more than 34 grams of sugar per day and women, no more than 24. Ever since I figured out the numbers, I have been shedding the pounds. In conclusion, don’t eat peeps and don’t give your kids peeps. Tell them the Easter Bunny hates them and hopped over the house. They will be traumatized for now but they’ll thank you when they don’t grow up to become lifelong sugar addicts.

    Or tell them the Easter Bunny left them carrots.

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  2. Peeps is my favorite! I got some of the oddball flavors and gave them to my kids. They tried them with their friends and all agreed they like the originals better. Me, too. As I said to her, I guess you just can’t beat the all-time favorite combo of marshmallow + sugar. That reminds me – I hope it’s not too late to find Peeps at half-price now that the holiday’s over.

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