“Don’t get me wrong; I can be snarky, and cynical, and cuss, and all those fun things –
“But you don’t have to be a saint to do a little good now and then.

Stuart Perkins, in the podcast “Sharing the Heart of the Matter” (@ 9:15)

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          1. Well …. You don’t have to pretend. But if you try really really hard at the pretence the overall result is identical to doing it for real.
            Even I concede that acting as though God existed is not a bad moral position – whether or not He does becomes irrelevant, at least in terms of the ethical outcome.


  1. What a brilliant quote! Back when I was heavily pregnant with the Offspring – circa the Jurassic – I had to go into a public building through one of those heavy glass doors. I was standing there, wondering if I should kind of go in butt first when a young, rather scruffy young man approached and held the door open for me. Then he smiled and went on his way. I will never forget that small act of kindness, and the empathy that prompted it.

    So many people think that you can lie and cheat all your life but then make up for it by giving oodles of money to charity.

    If there is a Great Accountant somewhere, I doubt his figures would balance.

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    1. That’s lovely. Yes; a neighbor of mine recently told me she had been a life coach and one of her lessons was that we each have an integrity bank account with others. Great Accountant or not, bad karma can catch up with you eventually just because of how people are connected and will talk about you!

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      1. lol – yes, there’s that too. I’m not at all religious but I do believe in living the best life I possibly can…and that includes helping others when I can. 🙂

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