38 thoughts on “Friday Photo

      1. I remember walking home from school in a sandstorm thinking, “Just keep your eyes to the front and you’ll be okay”. Then, an eight foot by six foot piece of plywood flew over a house and fell into the middle of the road. Needless to say, my pace quickened considerably…

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  1. They’re just one of those things we have to look out for these days! This past winter someone in LA ended up with their trampoline on their roof thanks to one of the storms that passed through. And I think another ended up in some power lines.

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    1. Are you sure it’s not the other way round?

      Ooh! And I’m glad you commented. I literally went to our public library today and FOUND YOUR BOOKS. I feel so special for knowing a celebrity.


  2. We still have a huge plastic kiddie’s pool that blew into our backyard in a big storm a few years ago. We searched for the owner up and down the street but either the owner did not want it back or it had a long journey. We are waiting patiently for the next big wind storm.

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