About Me

Chelsea by a rock

For years I’ve tasted, feasted from the written word. Everywhere is language; everyone an author. Life abounds with stories; if you’ll listen, read, watch, smell, taste, touch, and sense deep within.

I work to absorb. I process. Now, here, I attempt to re-create my experiences through these tiny symbols we all access via our keyboards.

© Chelsea Owens, 2019.
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any original material written by Chelsea Owens is strictly prohibited without appropriate and specific attribution, and linking to the original source.

That means the whole re-blogging thing is cool, because it links back to me.

Readers are also advised to read and enjoy posted materials at their own risk.

Some posts to start with might be Hello, My Name is Actually (a title echoing my first blog post, Hello, My Name is); The Ballad of the Garbage TruckA Muse, The Blues, Some Clues; InvaluableNormal?; Ready or Not -Ah, Forget It; The Gift of a Child with Behavioral Problems; and My Muse?.

I admit to be a bit biased; and hope you visit most of my writings, someday.