Hire Me to Write for You!

I love writing! I also love paying for life’s essentials, so I’m up for hire.

I write in a variety of voices and across a variety of subjects. I have experiences and talents in many areas. I’ve worked for a chemical asphalt plant, text-coding legal firm, sprinkler manufacturer, chiropractor, phone surveying company, dice store, and an educational software firm. I’ve completed SEO-laden articles for many online clients.

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation have never been challenging for me to master, nor has acquisition of new knowledge and subjects.

Most recently, I wrote under contract for a parenting site, Kids are the Worst. I wrote top Pinterest results and shared themed pictures from the owner’s Instagram account. One of my favorite articles is “Screaming Kids? I’ve Got a Music Playlist for That.”

Before that, I worked under a pseudonym for The Holidaze Craze. My articles are all those written from September 2017-May 2018. Two of the best are “You’ll DIG These Puppy Party Ideas” and “How to Throw the Best Spa Party for Girls.”

I have since been maintaining my personal blog, plus one on motherhood.

On the topic of mental health, I contributed articles to The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog. My article briefly covering medications featured at another website and received hundreds of hits. It is titled “The Cure for Depression: Swallow That Pill” and was part of a series of suggestions listed in “The Cure for Depression.”

Research and technology are a snap! In an assignment that proved to be fraudulent, I wrote two academic articles within two hours: “Python Programming” and “DNA Strands.”

I also run poetry contests for kicks.

If you’re looking for a talented, educated, funny, versatile, amazing, humble, and quick-working writer, drop me a line today!