Tradition #TankaTuesday

Still, still
Sweet, silent night
Whispered stable story
Glad tidings sung of hist’ry writ

Night of silence
Stable story whispered
Written hist’ry sung, shared gladly
Still, still

Photo by Burkay Canatar on

©2020 Chelsea Owens

Colleen and Ruth challenged me and I’m very glad they did. You can join in, too, for Tanka Tuesday. This week, we are encouraged to write a cinquain; this is a reflecting mirror version.

Window Washer Whimsy #Tanka #Senryu

For my third-ever time writing for Colleen Chesebro‘s prompt, I give you: a Senryu. Sort-of. I’m fairly certain I followed the form.

The prompt this week is to study this photo, provided by Ritu Bhathal, and write what moves you.

Photo ©2020 Ritu Bhathal


Windex-winded; sore
the washer escapes, in night
where her windows glare


Poem ©2020 Chelsea Owens